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With a recent increase in environmental awareness, sustainability has evolved from being a peripheral concern among businesses to a real driving force in business strategy for many organizations. When it comes to sustainability, transparency plays a key role for success. Both go hand in hand together as transparency plays a big part in what drives […]

Infrachain Challenge 2023 WINNERS!!!

Filedgr is this year’s winner of the Infrachain Challenge 2023. The Infrachain Challenge is a blockchain focused hackathon organized by Infrachain and sponsored by the Ministry for Digitalisation. During this event, participants have two days to craft innovative solutions built upon the Public Sector Blockchain. These solutions are then showcased through working demos and pitched […]

Street Art goes digital with Filedgr SmartNFTs!

Filedgr has partnered with I Love Graffiti to embark on an innovative project that preserves ephemeral street art in the digital realm. Street art is of valued importance as it serves as a form of cultural expression, engages the public, and promotes accessibility and inclusivity in the art world. Recognizing the fleeting nature of street […]

XRPL Grant Award Recipient

We are thrilled to announce that Filedgr has been granted USD 200,000 in the 4th round of XRP Ledger Grants. With this funding, we’re set to enhance our SmartNFT solution by implementing Token Gating and providing essential tools like browser extensions and the Filedgr Data Wallet mobile application. We want to thank the judges for […]


Digi Vaccine

Where is your vaccination passport? That’s right! With DigiVaccine you carry it with you all the time, on your smartphone! Stay tuned.