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Publishing in blockchain

Exciting news: Co-founders of the Filedgr Team will contribute to the new book “Digitalization in Healthcare: Implementing Innovation and Artificial Intelligence” edited by Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner and Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann! Soon to be published title of the chapter is : “Blockchain to unburden IT in the medical industry”. Stay tuned! #filedgr #blockchain #digitalization #healthcare #AI #innovation

AI to Solve the Data Deluge: AI-Based Data Compression

Interested in data and AI? We are proud to announce a contribution made by our co- founder Dr. Eric Falk; Find a chapter on “AI to Solve the Data Deluge: AI-Based Data Compression” in the newly published book “Innovative Technologies for Market Leadership” by Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner and Prof. Dr. Philipp Plugmann. You can […]