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DIGITAL certificates

In our modern world, where the origins of things are often unclear and the security of information is not always guaranteed, digital certificates play a crucial role. They offer a secure method for storing and transmitting data, as well as a reliable way to establish the origins of objects.

Digital certificates are fundamental elements of digital security, providing authentication, proof of provenance, and data integrity. They enable secure and private communication, safeguarding sensitive information. Additionally, digital certificates serve as trusted marks of authenticity, ensuring that information is accurate and secure, fostering trust in the digital realm.

FILEDGR Digital Twin

Digital Twin Datahub

In the evolving digital world, new technology is opening up innovative possibilities. Digital twins stand out as an invaluable tool across multiple industries, facilitating effective data management and utilization. They excel in data integration, bringing together diverse data sources like sensors, IoT devices, simulations, and historical records into a unified platform for analysis.

A standout feature of digital twin hubs is their ability to provide real-time monitoring of physical assets and systems, yielding valuable insights. They also have a crucial role in environmental monitoring, helping assess factors such as carbon footprints. 

Furthermore, digital twins can be used to ensure adherence by meticulously tracking and documenting processes and data. These versatile tools offer advantages in terms of data integration, real-time monitoring, predictive analysis, and resource optimization in the digital era.


With a Filedgr node you will be able to store, watermark, share or archive your data on the internet even across multiple cloud providers. Filedgr is a heterogenous multi-cloud or no-cloud permaweb storage network offering Security, Transparency and fostering Integrity. 

With Filedgr as storage backend for your convenience we provide you to tools to manage your real-world objects as digital twins online. Mirror them as NFT Tokens and start attaching data. Never loose information ever again.

All kinds of data are storable: 

  • Multi-media
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Documents
Store and distribute your data on top of multiple cloud providers. 

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