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FILEDGR Digital Twin

Digital Twin Datahub

Represent your real-world objects as digital twins and attach data to them. With the Digital Twin Data Hub, you can simply attach documents or sensor data to your DTwin. Your data is safely stored on your “as a service” Filedgr Network or on the one you’re personally allocated.

Visualize your data on our platform, export it to your own Business Intelligence solution, you are in control.

Share proof of data authenticity with whoever you want.


Issue your digital twins as NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) and give them their space in the digital public space. The Digital Twin Data can easily be connected to the NFT and serve as a lifecycle register of your real-world assets.

From now on, you always have the possibility to prove the condition of your assets at precise points in time. Likewise when acquiring an asset ask for the Filedgr NFT to check on it.


With a Filedgr node you will be able to store, watermark, share or archive your data on the internet even across multiple cloud providers. Filedgr is a heterogenous multi-cloud or no-cloud permaweb storage network offering Security, Transparency and fostering Integrity. 

With Filedgr as storage backend for your convenience we provide you to tools to manage your real-world objects as digital twins online. Mirror them as NFT Tokens and start attaching data. Never loose information ever again.

All kinds of data are storable: 

  • Multi-media
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Documents
Store and distribute your data on top of multiple cloud providers. 

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