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We bring Web3, the democratic internet, forward with authentic data transit!

Filedgr stores and shares files digitally with guaranteed authenticity, accountability, and availability.

The network provides proof of transfer, the digital illustration of authentic documents, and availability of files anytime you wish to review them. Filedgr eliminates bureaucracy and costly litigation and ensures your files are stored safely and securely, available to you anywhere you are located.

We want to bring Web3, the democratic internet, forward with authentic data transit!


Swiftly trace all types of data transfers. Files downloaded from the Filedgr network are the same as the uploaded ones. Forging is impossible. Guaranteed!


Who shared what data and with whom? If needed, all of those questions are answered by the Filedgr network. Otherwise, enjoy data confidentiality to the fullest!


Data stored on the Filedgr network is and remains available. Data is never lost. Yet data protection regulations are respected and enforceable.

The Filedgr Promise

At Filedgr, we’re not in the spotlight. Instead, we’re dedicated to shining a spotlight on the incredible individuals and organizations we are proud to name our partners. They are making a difference in society, the Web3 ecosystem and beyond. Our mission is to empower and support these changemakers in their remarkable endeavors.

Our partners are the heart and soul of our purpose. We exist to provide the tools, resources, and unwavering support they need to amplify their impact. They are the true heroes, the innovators, and the visionaries shaping a Web3 world that’s characterized by transparency, sustainability, and social good.

As a trusted partner and supporter, we stand side by side with our customers, offering them the technological infrastructure, guidance, and community they require to bring their dreams to life. Our commitment to transparency and sustainability is a reflection of their values, and together, we strive to create a digital landscape that embodies these principles.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of our remarkable partners, who are using Web3 technology to address global challenges, drive positive change, and leave a lasting legacy. Together, we’ll continue to nurture a Web3 ecosystem where our customers’ causes take center stage, and we play a vital role in making their visions a reality.


This homepage is designed with sustainability in mind. To reduce energy consumption when visiting us online, we do not make use of a lot of high quality images and bright colors.

By doing this, we can reduce the amount of data being sent to your device and energy used by your screen.


A one-megabyte email (= 1 MB) emits 20g of CO2 during its total life cycle, i.e. the equivalent of an old 60 watt lamp lit for 25 min. Source:


With a Filedgr node you will be able to store, watermark, share, or archive your data on the internet even across multiple cloud providers. Filedgr is a heterogenous multi-cloud or no-cloud permaweb storage network offering Security, Transparency, and fostering Integrity. 

With Filedgr as a storage backend for your convenience, we provide you the tools to manage your real-world objects as digital twins online. Mirror them as NFT Tokens and start attaching data. Never loose information ever again.

All kinds of data are storable: 

  • Multi-media
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Documents
Store and distribute your data on top of multiple cloud providers. To know more about our use cases meet you at the Solutions page.

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