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Filedgr’s groundbreaking blockchain technology offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking enhanced traceability and secure data exchange. By proficiently managing and sharing information, it streamlines access to services and elevates data protection to an unprecedented level. Through our cutting-edge technology, companies can meticulously track products and materials, validating their origins, certificates, CO2 emissions, and other critical material data. This heightened transparency extends across various dimensions, including supply chain, customer,  corporate, and lifecycle transparency. Filedgr empowers businesses to operate with unparalleled accountability and integrity, bolstering their credibility and trustworthiness in the modern market landscape.

ESG - Environmental, Social, and governance

ESG plays a crucial role in promoting corporate responsibility, mitigating risks, and understanding how sustainably an organization is operating. Data transparency and ESG go hand in hand in achieving responsible and sustainable business practices. 

Efficiently track, trace, and share all relevant data to investors and stakeholders by centralizing it with Filedgr.

Consumer goods

Establish the credibility of your product’s claims by presenting the desired information downstream to customers. Achieve this effortlessly by utilizing digital product labels accessible through QR codes or product tags. Provide your customers with convenience and transparency, all while retaining complete control over the data you choose to share.


The world of real estate frequently witnesses shifts in both building structures and ownership throughout its existence. Maintaining an exhaustive and thorough record of diverse documents, spanning from initial blueprints to updates, safety measures, maintenance records, lease agreements, legal documentation, and more, can pose considerable challenges.

However, with Filedgr, all essential documents and data can effortlessly be uploaded to the digital twin data hub of the real estate, effectively capturing and cataloging crucial lifecycle changes, even as the property changes hands across different ownership periods.


Digital technology has brought about a significant transformation in the management of farming operations, decision-making processes, and resource optimization. Data collection provides real-time information, leading to boosted yields and heightened efficiency. Moreover, it allows for greater transparency and traceability within the food supply chain, benefitting consumers, while also facilitating the monitoring of carbon offsets and environmental footprints. Utilize Filedgr as your central hub for precision agriculture and smart farming, unlocking the full potential of digital technology in agriculture.


Artificial Intelligence is undeniably becoming an integral part of our daily lives, offering immense utility across various domains. However, the persistent skepticism surrounding AI’s data-tracking capabilities is a legitimate concern that demands attention from both technology companies and policymakers. This skepticism arises primarily from a perceived lack of transparency regarding how AI functions and how it handles personal data. Filedgr, on the other hand, introduces a crucial element of transparency to the AI landscape. With Filedgr’s innovative approach, individuals can gain a better understanding of how their data is tracked and utilized, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in AI systems.


Filedgr’s WEB3 technology holds the promise of helping to revolutionize the art world by providing a fresh array of tools and opportunities for artists, collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts alike. This technology not only facilitates the preservation, understanding, and appreciation of art but also introduces novel avenues for studying, maintaining, and documenting artworks. In doing so, a bridge is formed between traditional art practices and cutting-edge technology, ushering in a dynamic era of creativity, accessibility, and preservation in the realm of art.


Digital certificates for well-being record keeping can play a significant role in modern healthcare and personal well-being management. They enhance accessibility, enabling individuals and healthcare providers to retrieve vital health data effortlessly from virtually anywhere. Moreover, digital certificates ensure data accuracy, eliminating the risk of errors common in paper-based records. Security features, including robust encryption and access controls, safeguard sensitive health information. Furthermore, the interoperability of these digital records facilitates seamless sharing and exchange of data between different healthcare systems and providers, ultimately leading to more coordinated and effective care.


With a Filedgr node you will be able to store, watermark, share or archive your data on the internet even across multiple cloud providers. Filedgr is a heterogenous multi-cloud or no-cloud permaweb storage network offering Security, Transparency and fostering Integrity. 

With Filedgr as storage backend for your convenience we provide you to tools to manage your real-world objects as digital twins online. Mirror them as NFT Tokens and start attaching data. Never loose information ever again.

All kinds of data are storable: 

  • Multi-media
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Documents
Store and distribute your data on top of multiple cloud providers. 

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