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Our values


We strongly believe in data privacy hence security. Our world has become more connected but due to countless cyber-attacks it is also more segregated. In our view individuals should rule over their own data, and know it is protected from illicit access no matter from whom.

Web3 technology will allow just that. We want to play a role helping users to get into this technology. It would be our dream if we could be part of a change of mind, getting away from the “I have nothing to hide so why should my data be private?” mentality. 


Have you ever had the feeling that all the great marketing messages are just that? Speaking about the “I have nothing to hide so why should my data be private?” mentality, why should it only apply to individuals? 

We believe that in transparency is the key to address the worlds dilemmas, by re-creating trust, and through that foster collaboration.  


Integrity is having the character quality of being honest, reliable, and fair. As a personal trait we believe integrity will allow to leap forward by collaboration rather than competition. Integrity should also be an adjective describing our organization practices as well as our platform handles data.


All the values above can lead to a truly sustainable organization. We will not close our eyes on the footprint our activities have on our environment.

We don’t think that we are the generation that will colonize Mars or the Moon. We don’t need to be, we think our world is beautiful and we want to conserve that beauty. We want to do the things we love, contribute to our society in a sustainable way, integrated with our natural ecosystem.

Our Partners

Our TEchnologies


With a Filedgr node you will be able to store, watermark, share or archive your data on the internet even across multiple cloud providers. Filedgr is a heterogenous multi-cloud or no-cloud permaweb storage network offering Security, Transparency and fostering Integrity. 

With Filedgr as storage backend for your convenience we provide you to tools to manage your real-world objects as digital twins online. Mirror them as NFT Tokens and start attaching data. Never loose information ever again.

All kinds of data are storable: 

  • Multi-media
  • Sensor telemetry
  • Documents
Store and distribute your data on top of multiple cloud providers. To know more about our use cases meet you at the Solutions page.

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