Empower Your Data, Embrace Transparency.

Filedgr empowers organizations and individuals through digital ownership and transparent data analysis. Our platform provides secure, verifiable digital certificates that foster collaboration and trust.

Our Mission and Core Values

We exist to foster trust and advance integrity in everything we do. Through transparency and a commitment to combat fraud, we set new standards for equality and respect. Our actions are aimed at driving lasting, positive change not just in business but in every day life.


We go beyond the norm to ensure that transparency is not just a claim, but a verifiable practice, fostering trust and collaboration in every aspect of our operations.


We believe that ownership extends into the digital realm as well, empowering individuals with further control, access, and knowledge of their assets more than ever before.


We believe integrity allows individuals to move forward in a collaborative nature rather than a competitive one.

Meet the team

Dr. Eric Falk

Founder & CEO

Robert Stebler

Co-founder & COO

Harry Lars Ghillemyn

Co-founder & Legal Counsel

Amir S. Malik Awan

Co-Founder & CSO

Kim Dinse


Aytek Gürkan

Design Lead

Our Partners

We collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to make our vision a reality. Discover our network of partners.

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The Future is Transparent

Join us on this transformative journey. Become part of the change. With Filedgr, transparency isn’t just a promise; it’s our reality. Dive into the world of true corporate transparency. Be the change with Filedgr.

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