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  • Unveiling the Power of LSM Trees – Interview with Our Experts
    Unveiling the Power of LSM Trees – Interview with Our Experts

    What do Coco Chanel and data structures have in common? Discover where efficiency meets elegance in our new blog interview with our expert Eric.

  • Partner Announcement – Aurel & Axel 🍄🌿🌸🌱
    Partner Announcement – Aurel & Axel 🍄🌿🌸🌱

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aurel & Axel, who specialize in urban farming and sustainable agriculture. Together, we aim to revolutionize the tracking of agricultural products, ensuring transparency from farm to fork. Their goal is to cultivate nutritious food close to consumers, guaranteeing exceptional taste and nutritional value. By merging their expertise…

  • ‘That’s Just All Greenwashing Anyway’
    ‘That’s Just All Greenwashing Anyway’

    Recently, at the supermarket, I overheard a little girl ask her mother, “Mom, what exactly is organic?” Choosing between organic and conventional products can often be a dilemma. The mother responded, “Oh, that’s just all greenwashing.” This statement made me think. Why is it permitted for companies to position themselves as sustainable when they might…

  • Filedgr Online Store
    Filedgr Online Store

    With a recent increase in environmental awareness, sustainability has evolved from being a peripheral concern among businesses to a real driving force in business strategy for many organizations. When it comes to sustainability, transparency plays a key role for success. Both go hand in hand together as transparency plays a big part in what drives…