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Guarantee the Authenticity of Your Data and Create Trust Among Your Customers

With Filedgr as your storage backend, we provide you the tools to manage your tangible assets online, ensuring you never lose data again.

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Trust and Transparency Redefined

Discover with Filedgr how your organization can balance transparency and data security through blockchain-based solutions. At a time when trust and credibility are critical, Filedgr offers the ability to deliver compelling and authentic marketing messages based on transparent and verifiable data.

Strengthen your customer relationships through transparent business practices while maintaining the confidentiality of your data. With Filedgr, you can do more than just advertise – you can show what your company is all about – trust, transparency and innovation.

Digital Certificates

Our Digital Certificate is an innovative solution that ensures the authenticity of physical objects while enabling efficient information management. It provides a trusted basis for verifying the authenticity of your products or assets and ensures clear and efficient management of all relevant data.

Why it is important for your company?
  • Strengthening brand integrity: ensuring that your products and services are perceived as authentic strengthens trust in your brand.
  • Increase efficiency: Centralised and reliable data management saves time and resources.
  • Risk minimisation: Prevent counterfeiting and protect your value chain.
  • Ownership for Customers: Transparency and Data Management extend through ownership, creating added value for customers. 

Digital Twin Data Hub: Your Secure Digital Companion

Our Digital Twin Data Hub is the perfect complement to our Digital Certificates. It serves as a secure hub for managing digital assets, NFTs and dApps. With advanced authentication features, it ensures that your data remains immutable and secure.

Key features
  • Exclusive access management: Authenticate and control who can view your Digital Certificates, preserving privacy and security.
  • Two views for an enhanced experience: Enjoy the ease of both viewing your digital assets, as well as all data uploaded on the hub, with our user-friendly interface.
  • Live Data Capture: Capture and store real-time data from corresponding physical assets to gain better insights and decision making.

Product Lifecycle

The following illustrates Filedgr’s integration of a digital twin throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, providing continuous monitoring and insights for manufacturers, owners, and potential buyers. Keep in mind that the specifics may vary based on the complexity of the digital twin implementation.


Create Digital Twin Model: Generate a virtual representation of the car, incorporating design details, manufacturing data, and materials selection.
Connect to Manufacturing Systems: Integrate the digital twin with manufacturing equipment and systems to capture real-time data.

Quality Control

Implement Quality Checks: Utilize sensors and monitoring devices to track manufacturing quality parameters.
Feedback Loop to Manufacturing: Enable real-time feedback from digital twin analytics to manufacturing processes for continuous improvement.

Distribution and Ownership

Shipping and Distribution: Track the car’s location during transit using GPS and logistics data.
Vehicle Registration: Link digital twin information to registration databases for ownership records.

Operation and Usage

Customer Interaction: Enable owners to interact with the digital twin for maintenance schedules, updates, and notifications.
Real-time Monitoring: Utilize IoT sensors within the car to monitor performance, modifications, wear and tear, and usage patterns.
Predictive Maintenance: Implement predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance needs and optimize performance.

Resale Phase

Ownership Transfer: Update digital twin records to reflect ownership transfer during resale.
Resale Analytics: Analyze digital twin data to provide potential buyers with insights into the car’s history and condition.
Data Wiping (optional): If necessary, ensure the removal of personal data from the digital twin before resale.


End-of-Life Processing: Implement digital twin tracking for recycling and disposal processes.
Environmental Impact Analysis: Assess the environmental impact using data from the digital twin.

Consumer Goods

No more confusing and cumbersome ways to process and share information.

ESG Enviromental, Social, and Governance

Put an end to unclear sustainability reports.


Closing the gap in agricultural resource efficiency.

Real Estate

No more headache of managing multiple ownership documents and data.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, clarity and confidence in how AI handles my personal data, without worrying about opacity and misus


No more worrying about how to present, protect and monetise your work.


Eliminate the stress of managing and monitoring vehicle data and maintenance records, even with frequent changes of ownership.

Well Being

No more complicated service access or privacy compromises.


Frequently asked questions

What makes Filedgr’s Digital Certificates more secure than other solutions on the market?

Our Digital Certificates use advanced encryption technologies and are constantly updated to the latest security standards. We take privacy very seriously and provide a reliable, transparent solution.

How quickly can Filedgr Digital Certificates be implemented?

Implementation time depends on the complexity of your system. In most cases we can ensure a fast and efficient integration, often within a few days.

Can Filedgr Digital Certificates be customized to meet specific industry requirements?

Absolutely. Our Digital Certificates are flexible and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different industries to provide maximum value.

What is the difference between Filedgr digital certificates and RFID-Chips, Barcodes and QR Codes?

Filedgr’s Digital Certificates use blockchain technology, which enables high security, immutability and real-time authentication of data and transactions. They are ideal for complex data management and security. RFID Chips, Barcodes and QR Codes on the other hand, are used for the physical identification and tracking of objects. They provide basic tracking functionality, but are less secure and information-rich than Filedgr’s solution.

Can Filedgr Digital Certificates be integrated with existing IT systems?

Yes, our Digital Certificates are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures. We also provide customised integration support.

Does Filedgr provide support and maintenance for the Digital Certificates?

Yes, we offer comprehensive customer support and regular maintenance services to ensure that your Digital Certificates are always up to date and fully functional

How would I link Filedgr’s Digital Certificates and the Digital Twin Datahub together as one solution for my company?

Digital certificates and digital twin data hubs can be linked to offer a comprehensive view of a product’s lifecycle. The certificate contains crucial details like design, manufacturing specifics, and materials, benefiting stakeholders such as manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and consumers.

When connected to a digital twin data hub representing real-time and historical data of the physical product or system, these concepts synergize. The data hub captures and updates operational data, performance metrics, and other relevant information throughout the product’s lifecycle.

By integrating the digital certificates with the digital twin data hub, stakeholders gain a holistic view—from initial design to current state and real-world performance. This linkage enhances traceability, aids decision-making, supports predictive maintenance, and streamlines product lifecycle management. 

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