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Are you an SME struggling to implement blockchain solutions? Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity or cost? This partnership is your key to unlocking the power of blockchain. By combining Filedgr’s and ONINO’s technologies, you can gain transparency, efficiency, and security in your operations, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Never have to capitulate to the blockchain again

For SMEs, adopting blockchain technology often feels like navigating a labyrinth. The complexity, high costs, and technical jargon can be overwhelming. Despite the clear benefits, these barriers hinder widespread adoption, leaving many businesses unable to capitalize on blockchain’s transformative capabilities. This gap is particularly stark given that SMEs represent 90% of businesses globally.

So, how can these enterprises overcome these challenges?

ONINO has set out with a clear mission:

to make blockchain accessible and beneficial for every business.

Their platform simplifies blockchain integration, removing the technical barriers that often deter SMEs.

With features like tailored smart contract solutions, AI-assisted development, and one-click node deployment, ONINO is designed to streamline the process, cutting build times by up to 90% and reducing costs by 70%.

How does this work?

ONINO’s blockchain is built on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, providing unparalleled scalability and low transaction fees. This innovative architecture ensures high throughput, making it ideal for enterprises that require rapid, secure transactions. Additionally, ONINO supports custom subchains, allowing businesses to tailor blockchain solutions to their specific needs without the congestion issues of public networks.

What we bring to the table?

While ONINO focuses on simplifying blockchain implementation, Filedgr brings a new level of authenticity and transparency to the table. Filedgr’s platform allows businesses to create digital twins of physical products, enabling comprehensive lifecycle tracking and data visualization. This ensures that all data related to an object is authenticated, verifiable, and easily accessible.

How it works

Filedgr’s Digital Certificates, powered by smart NFTs, guarantee the authenticity of physical objects, providing a reliable foundation for managing and verifying product data. These certificates can be linked with Filedgr’s Digital Twin Data Hub, a secure center for managing digital assets and real-time data capture. This integration offers a holistic view of a product’s lifecycle, enhancing transparency and trust.

So, what happens when you combine the strengths of Filedgr and ONINO?

The result is a powerful synergy that addresses the core challenges faced by SMEs in adopting blockchain technology. By leveraging ONINO’s scalable blockchain infrastructure and Filedgr’s data authenticity solutions, businesses can achieve a seamless, transparent, and secure digital experience.

Why does this matter?

Together, Filedgr and ONINO offer a comprehensive solution that bridges the blockchain gap for SMEs. Whether it’s through tailored smart contracts, authenticated digital certificates, or real-time data management, this partnership ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of blockchain technology without the usual hurdles.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

The future of blockchain is here, and it’s more accessible than ever. Don’t let the complexities of blockchain hold your business back. Discover how the partnership between Filedgr and ONINO can revolutionize your operations and unlock new opportunities for growth. Book an appointment with us at Filedgr today and take the first step towards a transparent, secure, and efficient future.

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