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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aurel & Axel, who specialize in urban farming and sustainable agriculture. Together, we aim to revolutionize the tracking of agricultural products, ensuring transparency from farm to fork.

Their goal is to cultivate nutritious food close to consumers, guaranteeing exceptional taste and nutritional value.

By merging their expertise with our digital certificates, we have established an efficient and transparent system for tracing agricultural produce at every stage of the production process.

Why is transparency important in agriculture?

  • Environmental responsibility: Monitoring and reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural activities becomes possible.
  • Data-driven decision making: Transparency is crucial for farmers, agronomists, and researchers to make informed decisions that optimize crop yields, minimize chemical usage, and enhance efficiency.
  • Community involvement: Transparent farming practices foster community engagement and participation.
  • Eliminating food fraud: Transparency acts as a deterrent to food fraud, reassures consumers about product authenticity, and ensures product integrity.

Filedgr’s Digital Certificates and Digital Twin Hub play a vital role in facilitating these transparent practices by offering an efficient and reliable system for tracing agricultural products throughout the production process.

This initiative fosters the sharing of knowledge and techniques, helping agricultural experts and policymakers tackle global food security challenges. It empowers farmers to make informed decisions in response to changing environmental conditions.

We at Filedgr are proud to collaborate with the entire team at Aurel & Axel. We look forward to driving lasting, positive change not only in business but in society as a whole.

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