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This collaboration unites Carbonauten’s leading-edge carbon sequestration techniques with Filedgr’s advanced digital storage solutions, with a shared goal of achieving environmental sustainability.

How we work together to combat climate change 🌳

Carbonauten’s commitment to carbon sequestration, through the innovative use of biochar and carbon-bound materials, is complemented by Filedgr’s robust digital storage network. This network is designed to issue digital certificates and maintain digital twin data hubs. The partnership is centered on developing a trustworthy carbon credit system. This system will utilize Filedgr’s digital twin technology to precisely monitor and validate the carbon sequestration efforts at Carbonauten’s “minus CO2 factory.”

This collaboration goes beyond a simple technical partnership:

  • Initiative contributes to environmental sustainability
  • Increasing accuracy and transparency of carbon credits
  • Highlights potential of combining technological innovation with eco-friendly practices
  • Serves as a model for responsible business operations
  • Leads technological advancements towards a greener future

Carbonauten is also a part of 🚅 Deutsche Bahn DB mindbox’s startup program, where they have the unique opportunity to test and accelerate their ideas and products using real DB data in a real-world DB environment.

It’s a shared dedication to making a substantial impact on climate change.

How can you use carbon credits for active climate protection?

Carbon credits are a practical tool for individuals and businesses to participate in climate action.

These credits, earned through positive environmental actions like reforestation or the adoption of renewable energy, act as a counterbalance against carbon emissions.

By purchasing carbon credits, entities can offset their carbon footprint, supporting projects that have a net-positive environmental impact.

Carbonauten’s “minus CO2 factory” is an excellent example of how carbon credits can encourage the adoption of cleaner technologies and practices, contributing to carbon neutrality or even carbon negativity.

We all have a role to play in the fight against climate change.

Transparency and accessibility are at the core of our belief that climate action should be a community effort.

What? Carbonauten and Filedgr advocate an open approach to the certification and use of carbon credits, ensuring that every step is visible and understandable to the public.

Why? This openness is designed to build trust, inspire collective action, and demonstrate that verifiable steps are being taken towards environmental sustainability.

How? By making the process clear, we aim to encourage broad participation in the movement for a healthier planet and show that everyone has a role to play in addressing climate change.

In conclusion, the partnership between Carbonauten and Filedgr is an excellent example of how collaborative efforts can lead to innovative solutions in the fight against climate change.

The future is green and every step counts.

Be the change 🦉💚

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