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partnership announcement with senzilizie a ai farming sustainability in argiculture.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Sensilize, a precision farming company.

Sensilize, a nine year old company, is on a mission to empower farmers with data and provide precision farming solutions. Sensilize creates digital data twins of farmland by leveraging satellite, drone and IoT data. This data enables the creation of yield maps for farmland.

Filedgr serves as the authentication layer and stores all collected data on its decentralized Digital Storage Network. This collaboration goes beyond a shared database for farmers to learn and understand how to maximize yields through regenerative farming practices.

Here are the key benefits of this partnership:

  • Farmer empowerment: Farmers are equipped with digital tools to navigate the ongoing digital transformation.
  • Maximize Yield: The partnership delivers value by increasing farmer yields through regenerative farming practices.New revenue streams:** We help farmers create new revenue streams by supporting the verification of regenerative agriculture practices and related carbon credits.
  • Digital Twins: Farmers can create digital twins of all their assets, from biogas plants to tractors, increasing the value of their assets.
  • Cost Savings: Costs can be saved through a discounted marketplace that connects farmers directly with OEMs that provide solutions for farmers.

This partnership isn’t just about business growth; it’s about creating lasting, positive change in agriculture and society.

We are proud to be a part of this transformative initiative.

Be the change 🦉

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