Why it’s not enough to just separate the Trash 🗑️ – About Filedgr Part 3

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Filedgr’s three-part blog series has taken us through the company’s core values and innovative ways of working. In the final part of our series, we show why Filedgr’s work has a positive impact on the future and how each of us can contribute to a more sustainable world.

The Big Picture

Filedgr’s approach is changing the way we do business and shop. By using blockchain technology for Digital Certificates, we create transparency that goes beyond traditional methods.

Filedgr helps track and reduce CO2 emissions by helping companies understand and optimize the environmental impact of their supply chains.

These efforts are critical as they directly contribute to reducing carbon footprints and actively combating climate change.

Why we do what we do 💚

Filedgr’s vision for the future is a world where sustainability and economics go hand in hand.

It is a future where consumers have full confidence in the products they buy and where companies act as stewards of our planet.

We adapt to current trends and technologies and have a clear vision for the future:

We exist to foster trust and promote integrity in everything we do. Through transparency and a commitment to fighting fraud, we set new standards for equality and respect. Our actions are designed to create lasting, positive change not only in business, but in society as a whole.

How can I contribute Myself?

Yes, separating trash and riding your bike more often are good ways to help the environment. But we usually spend our money on products that do the opposite.

Or we pay attention, but then we cannot be sure that the company is really sustainable.

This makes it all the more important to support companies that are committed to transparency.

But how do I know that a company’s product is sustainable? 🫥

Filedgr wants to support these companies by developing the Digital Storage Network. This will allow companies to improve their processes and present their products transparently, while promoting the preservation of our natural resources.

In general:

  • Support sustainable companies you trust.
  • Be critical of the products you consume.


To make identification easier for companies and customers, we are working on a transparency certificate. This will serve as a simple seal and identifier for manufacturers, companies and customers.

We want to make sustainable action the norm. Choosing the “right” products in everyday life should not cost a lot of energy.

In this series, we have highlighted Filedgr’s values, working methods and impact.

We are happy to conduct interviews about our technology and exchange ideas about sustainable technologies. To contact us directly, please send us an email via our contact form.

Be the change 🦉

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