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With a recent increase in environmental awareness, sustainability has evolved from being a peripheral concern among businesses to a real driving force in business strategy for many organizations. When it comes to sustainability, transparency plays a key role for success. Both go hand in hand together as transparency plays a big part in what drives change and improved results. Transparency aids in sustainable practices by promoting openness, trust and accountability.

Unfortunately transparency is still often lacking for consumers and the products they purchase. When it comes to product origins, manufacturing processes and environmental impacts, consumers do not always have a clear picture to make informed purchase decisions. One of Filedgr’s focuses has been on closing that gap by providing a farm to closet transparency for individual products consumers purchase.

Instead of just providing a solution for existing companies and their consumers, we thought why not lead by example as well? What if we could illustrate our solution and the importance of Filedgr’s principles? So we decided to take initiative and set out to make an online merchandise shop. The online shop will provide sustainable and fully transparent products directly to consumers. Every product will provide clear and comprehensive information about the composition, sourcing, and manufacturing process. Our online store project has big goals so please check back on our newsfeed as its development continues.

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