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  • Partnership Announcement – Carbonauten



    Partnership Announcement – Carbonauten

    This collaboration unites Carbonauten’s leading-edge carbon sequestration techniques with Filedgr’s advanced digital storage solutions, with a shared goal of achieving environmental sustainability.

  • Together for More Transparency – Filedgr Joins the Bundesblock 💚


    Together for More Transparency – Filedgr Joins the Bundesblock 💚

    Bundesblock and Filedgr share a common vision. Find out what unites us and what we stand for.

  • Partnership Announcement – Sensilize 🌱 🤝🦉


    Partnership Announcement – Sensilize 🌱 🤝🦉

    We are excited to announce a new partnership with Sensilize, a precision farming company.

  • Partner Announcement – Aurel & Axel 🍄🌿🌸🌱


    Partner Announcement – Aurel & Axel 🍄🌿🌸🌱

    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aurel & Axel, who specialize in urban farming and sustainable agriculture. Together, we aim to revolutionize the tracking of agricultural products, ensuring transparency from farm to fork. Their goal is to cultivate nutritious food close to consumers, guaranteeing exceptional taste and nutritional value. By merging their expertise…

  • Infrachain Challenge 2023 WINNERS!!!


    Infrachain Challenge 2023 WINNERS!!!

    Filedgr is this year’s winner of the Infrachain Challenge 2023. The Infrachain Challenge is a blockchain focused hackathon organized by Infrachain and sponsored by the Ministry for Digitalisation. During this event, participants have two days to craft innovative solutions built upon the Public Sector Blockchain. These solutions are then showcased through working demos and pitched…

  • XRPL Grant Award Recipient


    XRPL Grant Award Recipient

    We are thrilled to announce that Filedgr has been granted USD 200,000 in the 4th round of XRP Ledger Grants. With this funding, we’re set to enhance our SmartNFT solution by implementing Token Gating and providing essential tools like browser extensions and the Filedgr Data Wallet mobile application. We want to thank the judges for…

  • The New Team Member


    The New Team Member

    Welcome to “Eullisel”! It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest team member, “Eullisel” (eng. Owlisa – Owl Lisa). From now on she will be the mascot of Filedgr. Why an owl? Well, in numerous tales the owl is an animal embodying wisdom, as the seeker of the truth. Security, Integrity and Transparency,…

  • Publishing in blockchain


    Publishing in blockchain

    Exiting news: Co-founders of the Filedgr Team will contribute to the new book “Digitalization in Healthcare: Implementing Innovation and Artificial Intelligence” edited by Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner and Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann! Soon to be published title of the chapter is : “Blockchain to unburden IT in the medical industry”. Stay tuned! #filedgr #blockchain…