Infrachain Challenge 2023 WINNERS!!!

Kim Dinse Avatar


Filedgr is this year’s winner of the Infrachain Challenge 2023. The Infrachain Challenge is a blockchain focused hackathon organized by Infrachain and sponsored by the Ministry for Digitalisation. During this event, participants have two days to craft innovative solutions built upon the Public Sector Blockchain. These solutions are then showcased through working demos and pitched to a jury consisting of experts in both blockchain technology and the relevant subject matter.

For the 2023 edition of Infrachain Challenge, teams were tasked with harnessing the novel national dwelling register to develop decentralized applications using the Public Sector Blockchain as their foundation. Filedgr presented their “Dwelling Before Selling” project, a proof of concept DApp running on the public blockchain. This project enabled decentralised GDPR compliant data verification in respect of real estate, while respecting the traditional duality in proprietary rights versus personal rights.

This marked Filedgr’s third participation in the hackathon, with their prior two involvements resulting in commendable runner-up placements.

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